Phone 831-726-1951

Tom Fish


  • NO TRAVEL CHARGES (from Santa Cruz to Monterey, Morgan Hill to Salinas – any farther than that…well, let’s talk).

  • $100 for the first hour, (one hour minimum usually, but there have been many exceptions)

  • $80 per hour after the first, billed in 15 minute increments. 
I do not make my profits by selling you equipment and software that you don’t really need – though I do carry a trunk full of spare parts, should you really need any.   I’m basically just an hourly employee working FOR YOU, doing as much or as little as you want.  There will be no sales pitches when I come to your place – just work. You just want your computer TO WORK, and that’s what I want to. I don’t mind if you stand over my shoulder and watch me  – though I’d prefer if you’d sit next to me, and we’ll talk while I work, so you can express to me exactly what you want this stupid computer to do. 

The Computer Guy is, truly, just a guy, as in ONE guy, just me. My clients get the benefit of all my knowledge and experience, rather than the uneven efforts of some technical wannabe being paid a fraction of what you’re paying the company owners for their service.  My company reputation and my personal reputation are one and the same.